Friday, 12 October 2007

Quickly and fastly installing LaTeX: LaTeX in Debian Quick HOWTO

Problem: it`s needed to quickly and simply make scientific articles, books, monographs and practically all that have many formulas and graphs.
Solve: installation LaTeX in Debian - a work of a moment.

In UNIX-like systems packages for LaTeX called tetex or texlive. So, let`s open terminal and type as root:

#aptitude install tetex-bin tetex-extra latex-ucs
This will occupy about 120Mb of disk space, let`s approve it. For installation, only first DVD-disk is required. While packages are installing, let`s open your preferable text editor and type something like this:
\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}

This is our first LaTeX document.
Saving this document with any name and *.tex extension, for example newlatexdoc.tex
Next in console, in that directory were you just saved already typed text, give a command:
$ pdflatex newlatexdoc.tex
Besides many files, will be sought-for file newlatexdoc.pdf
That`s all, and you already stared in great world of LaTeX.


va1e said...

useful thing. thanX, virens!

va1e said...

I'm your first english reader =)

virens said...

2 va1e пишет...
useful thing. thanX, virens!
You are welcome, va1e :-) I`m started to translate some of my post into English to improve my poor language. I hope that there are few mistakes in post :-)

I'm your first english reader =)
I actually impressed to that how quickly you found my new blog. Hope it`s useful.